If Your Spouse Leaves, It’s Your Fault

Maybe the title sounds a little harsh.

Obviously women get left behind sometimes by awful, selfish men who are looking for a younger, hotter version. And that’s not the wife’s fault!

But, if you’re a MAN and your wife leaves, it’s probably your fault. 

Just take it from this Feminist Fundie:

12.13.17 Men Blamed When Wife Leaves (#1)


Yes, since women are filing for most of the divorces, we need to train MEN better.

We need to criticize men more, so that their wives will stop filing for divorce!

But, wait, there’s more!

12.13.17 Men Blamed When Wife Leaves (#2)

(Side note: Whitney’s link goes to this blog, where a guy actually takes responsibility for making his wife leave. Don’t the Feminists have a word for that, when the abandoned woman takes responsibility for “making” her husband leave? *cough*BatteredWomenSyndrome*cough*)

Of course, somewhere in the middle, our Fundie tried to make the conversation about abused wives who file for divorce…

But, luckily, she got back around to the original subject eventually:

12.13.17 Men Blamed When Wife Leaves (#4)

Men, I hope you’re taking notes.

Not being courteous. Not carrying your weight.

Not being “open” to your wife’s “influence.”    (“Influence” is what used to be known as “being an unrelenting harpy.”)

She just doesn’t want to put up with it, if you don’t appreciate her “influence” like you should!

So, if you don’t want your wife to take your kids and leave, then shape up!…

…then again…maybe keep doing what you’re doing and count your blessings when she’s gone.  🙂  Chances are, you’ll never be able to rehabilitate a Fundie.


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