Definition of “Fundies”

You may identify as a “Fundamentalist” and assume this blog is about you. But that may not be the case. ¬†Around here, “Fundie” means “Anyone who talks excessively about what they believe but cannot consistently explain why.”

That means there are “Christian Fundies.”

But there are “Atheistic Fundies” also.

There are “Conservative Fundies” as well as “Liberal Fundies.”

Anybody can be a Fundie–if they can’t defend their beliefs against basic questioning, but they continue clinging to a certain list of wrongs/rights anyway…just because


If you regularly block people because they make you feel stupid…

…or if the majority of your comments are memes and one-liners you heard from someone else…

…or if you get in shouting matches with other Fundies in comment threads because neither of you understand what the other is even saying…

Watch out!

You might be a Fundie!

We will find you…and we will take your picture.

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